Facebook aplikacija- iFrame ali FBML?

Facebook aplikacije lahko delate na dva načina, kot FBML aplikacijo in iFrame aplikacijo.

Na začetku so pri Facebook-u preferirali FBML, sedaj pa je bolj zaželena in priporočjiva iFrame aplikacija:


First, Facebook says that by the end of this year, it will “no longer allow new FBML applications to be created, so all new canvas applications and Page tabs will have to be based on IFrames and our JavaScript SDK.” However, Facebook says it will “continue to support existing implementations of the older authentication mechanism as well as FBML on Page tabs and applications.”


Second, Facebook says that it will begin supporting IFrames for Page tabs “in the next few months.” This means that the way developers build applications on Page tabs will be consistent with the dominant way they are built on canvas pages, which should simplify development processes (and support costs).

Celoten članek preberite tukaj: Facebook Moving Toward IFrames Over FBML for Canvas Apps and Page Tabs


Kot kaže, bo klasičnim FBML aplikacijam počasi odklenkalo…

Kaj pa ti misliš?


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